5 Reasons McGregor will Destroy Aldo

This has nothing to do with Jesus or Kant. But I had to.

Anything can happen in MMA, but I’ve never been so sure of a prediction than this one: McGregor will TKO Aldo within 3 rounds (probably 2). He will back him to the cage, land punches and kicks and, eventually, Aldo will fall. Another legend becomes human.

<> on March 20, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  1. Size
    Conor is huge, even too big for this weight class (which is why he’s moving up). He cuts a ton of weight. He’s taller, bigger, stronger, and more powerful. He will have a size and reach advantage, and he hits harder than anyone in this division. However, he will likely have a speed disadvantage which will be interesting.
  2. Boxing
    We just saw Ronda – the greatest female athlete of all time – get knocked out by a professional boxer. Take note. In MMA there are only a few good boxers, and Holm and Conor are two of them. You simply cannot underestimate the ability Conor has to hit Aldo in the head. Physics. When I saw Conor’s first fight, I was blown away by his boxing skills: they are unmatched in the UFC right now. Aldo’s boxijng is extremely basic and defensive. He plants his feet, his body twitching constantly, and waits for a counter to present itself. In the later rounds his boxing gets extremely sloppy. Boxing, of course, can be defeated with wrestling (Mendes). But Aldo isn’t a good wrestler and he doesn’t go for take downs.
  3. Aldo’s let kick won’t work
    Aldo’s most effective kick – the low kick to the lead leg – isn’t available against a lefty. When he fought the southpaw Kenny Florian, for example, he didn’t throw one leg kick until 2 minutes left in the second round. All the while Florian was landing a ton of kicks on Aldo (to be fair, Aldo did start landing that inside leg kick which caused a lot of damage to Florian, but he only threw about 6 or 7 total in the fight). Kenny was basically standing in front of him and not landing stikes). Kenny also pushed him around.
  4. Age
    Jose isn’t old, but he’s had a lot of fights and a lot of punches to the head. He’s talked about retiring. He’s at the tail end of his career, and Conor is still improving. Through no fault of his own, this is very bad timing for Aldo.
  5. Psychology
    Conor is hungry, not married, no kids, and obsessed with training. Aldo has no reason to be hungry anymore, has a family, doesn’t seem to train in the off-season that much, hasn’t been improving his skills,  and doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in the sport of MMA (he likes soccer and jokes about not watching UFC events). Aldo has never had to deal with an opponent that doesn’t respect him as a fighter. This is going to be just like Chael vs Anderson Silva, except Conor is actually good.
5 Reasons McGregor will Destroy Aldo

The Morality of Killing, Hunting, and Eating Meat

In two days, I will find myself with a bunch of guys drinking and attempting to kill deer for food. Let’s consider the morality (or lack thereof) of such shenanigans and ponder why I do it. Basically I think that killing animals for food is permissible, allowable, tolerable. That’s as far as I go, and that might be too far. I imagine God saying: really? umm. okay…I guess. Hunting is on the same level as eating meat. They are acceptable but nothing to be proud of. Vegetarianism and veganism are clearly better options.

I hunt because I grew up in a family of hunters. That’s it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t. My family lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a hunting Mecca. If I’m honest, saving money has little to do with hunting. Hunting costs a lot of money: the rifle, the tools, the food, the license. Especially me: I travel 500 miles in a car to hunt. However, hunting can be economical for other people.


I tried to think of several reasons why hunting is permissible. I can only think of one: it’s part of our human nature, written in our biology. It’s the status quo. We are omnivores. That’s not a very good moral reason, I understand that. But that’s really all I got. Nowadays, it’s more humane and responsible than buying meat. It allows people to feed themselves. It would take a lot of will power and habit to stop eating meat. In the future, I believe that hunting will slowly disappear. In 500 years, I believe humans will look back on it as a slightly primitive act, one that requires too much work for the simple goal of feeding oneself and feeding the world.

Sport Hunting
Hunting for sport, with no consideration of eating or using the animal, is wrong. Let’s start there. These are super macho men who don’t care about the suffering of animals, a dangerous, mindless, apathetic, violent worldview that can spill over into other areas. Killing should not be fun. Whatever we think about the gap between man and beast – life matters and animals suffer. We know this. It’s a biological and moral fact. Old cars don’t suffer, so we smash them at the dump. The great world religions, unfortunately, have been a little ambiguous on the issue. Judaism and Greek polytheism, for example, sacrificed animals frequently for religious purposes. To me, that’s thinly veiled sport hunting.

When it comes to respecting animals, religion takes a little blame. Christianity, of course, ended animal sacrifice, which is great, and it did allow killing them for food. Well, not at first. The Bible, in fact, actually starts out in a utopian vegetarian world, which if followed by (after Sin) God basically allowing us to kill animals. Also there are key Christian figures who refused to eat meat (John the Baptist, Saint Francis, and others). But overall I feel that Christian doctrine has made us feel categorically superior to animals – which has led many Christians to justify treating animals badly (and the environment). Islam might be close to Christianity on this issue but I’m not sure. Hinduism and Buddhism, on the other hand, as far as I can tell, respect animals the most; as living, suffering beings. Heck, with reincarnation, animals might be humans – nobody wants to kill a deer that’s your great great grandpa.

A Man Thing
The very fact that only men hunt (how many women hunters do you know?) should be a key indicator that it’s….not the greatest activity known to humankind. Women, as I’ve blogged about before, outscore men on virtually every moral measure, and men dominate all the nasty parts of human nature (murder, rape, violence). Women are more likely to be vegetarians; they probably know something. However, perhaps it’s because men have always been the hunters. In hunter-gatherer societies, our evolutionary past, men did the hunting (although sometimes women did). Perhaps that’s why we do it today. That’s probably true. That explains it, but it doesn’t justify it. I also think male camaraderie has a lot to do with hunting. It does for me. Women are much better at expressing themselves to women. Men save it all up for one event a year.

So, when I hunt, I keep all this in mind. I love the experience of hunting, I love the silence in the woods, the slowing of time, I love the family bonding, and I love eating meat. But this all comes with the sobering bitter sweet moral reality. After I kill a deer, I say this prayer: God. I am sorry that I killed this beautiful deer. I will use it to feed myself. Amen. Because I am sorry. I then proceed to process it myself, cut it myself, and package it myself, respecting all the meat as much as I can (as hypocritical as that sounds). When I go home and cook it, I know exactly what happened. I know that a beautiful animal died.

The Morality of Killing, Hunting, and Eating Meat